Allow me to introduce myself.

by readitandstyle

coco-chanel-wallpapers-1” I do not do Fashion. I am fashion.” Coco Chanel remarked as her waiter told her:  “Ce sera de deux euros, madame.”

Well, that last part may not have happened, but one thing is for sure: Coco Chanel  essentially established the meaning modern day fashion.

This quote embodies my view toward fashion. Fashion is romantic, crazy, complex, spontaneous and every other adjective that you can describe a person with. Fashion is complex and the best part about it is that Fashion is exactly how you see it.

Or Coco Chanel was one conceited bitch.

This blog will express how I, in fact, see it. I hope you the readers, no matter how few of you, stick along side me to see how I see it.The grammer gets better too, promise.

My name, if you knew that you’d be as clever as me.