A shot of Oxblood.

by readitandstyle

This past weekend weekend I’d like to rename to “the weekend of the maroon” or the more fashionable term “oxblood”.

Whatever you call it maroon, “oxblood” (which in reality how has anyone seen an ox’s blood? I mean come on.), but NOT burgundy there’s a difference, you’re definitely seeing it everywhere Chanel bags, lipsticks, shoes, tampons, EVERYWHERE.

I started off Friday with the usually dreaded school, it was quite cold so naturally my mind went to Maroon er.. Oxblood. What maroon piece is the one I want? One that I have been coveting is the Free People’s “Embellished Palms Tunic”.


Granted I’ve been wanting this piece for months, in every color, but this particular “oxblood” color has me especially drooling.

Another Free People number that’s got me drooling is the Free People “Fitted With Daisies Dress”.


Now Im not really one for “cut-outs”, well I am, but either way the fact that this is Maroon and shows a little skin in an unexpected way and would be great for layering.

The final dose of Oxblood came friday night when I went to go see Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina. There was one item that truly had me wishing we lived in the 19th century Russia, other than Aaron Johnson cavalry uniform , is Keira Knightly’s iconic oxblood silk dress.


Whatever you’re into, maybe you’re a vegetarian and “Oxblood” is not really your thing theres no doubt, it’s everywhere and this season’s definite “It” color.