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Month: February, 2013

The State of Fashion address.


Photo by Adam Katz Sinding.

In the midst of Fashion Month, most people (notice the use of people and not “fashion lovers”) have seen or unseen a fair share of street style pictures, most notably from New York Fashion Week. Which could precisely be the problem.

Upon my first read of Suzy Menkes’ “The Circus of Fashion“, ( the link initially posted by The Man Repeller) I, like the Man Repeller, was outraged. Granted I am nowhere near the magnitude of “blogger” status as her, I , still somewhat a blogger, was outraged, if not fazed. Fazed, due to the fact that the author of the article is partially right. Fashion Week has become swarmed with “paparazzi” doing whatever it takes to get “the shot”. At that, these paparazzi aren’t getting the shot of partially talented or innovative people per se, but the people who manage to wear the craziest, most uncomfortable looking outfits. Outfits that attract views. Making NYFW really a “circus”.

The author is also right, in noticing the pace and amount in which Fashion has changed. Technology and the internet make seeing the “highly exclusive” shows possible to common person. No longer will you need to be one of the elite, particularly New York elite, or an editor of a huge company to go to these shows. Now people from all different backgrounds and all different upbringings and even occupations can have a chance to go.

Where my views differ is on the topic of the Lincoln Center and fashion show goers. I, still a mere tadpole in the world much less the fashion world, have no real re-collection of the world of Fashion before the 2000-ish time. I have known about the Lincoln Center most of my life and although , like many things, I knew that it was not always the beacon of Fashion Week, but it is now. The one point that particularly hit a nerve, was the fact that author (Suzy?) Simply clumps all bloggers as “people famous for being famous” and disregarding all possible talent that these “people” might have, although not conventional. As people who wear actual peacock features as a plea for attention. Although that may not be my cup of tea, one day it might and I certainly wouldn’t want to be grouped as “gasping for attention” for wearing something that I feel like I want to wear.

Now on the other hand, I do understand that there are people who would wear certain things to gain attention, but most who are “ready and willing to be objects” usually leak authenticity, they aren’t flaunting the outrageous in public then wearing the minimal in private. These people are outrageous all the time, not just for the cameras on the welcoming mat of the Lincoln Center, the Anna Della Russo’s.

Just because people pose for the camera does not mean that they are gasping for the attention of the swarms of photographers. It is a sign of the times, now information travels (arguably) faster than the speed of light. People all over the world, now have an equal chance to inform themselves. What could be so wrong with that?

One point that the author argues is the “loss of exclusivity” (for lack of better wording) in the world of fashion. The author begins that article by telling an anecdote of the world of Fashion when before, pretty much, the internet. The author retells when how the fashion elite, dressed in black, would gather around the secretly allotted locations of shows, unlike the free-for-all that the Lincoln Center is viewed as now.

But where the gap in understanding is apparent is that, the way that people can now break into fashion is not bad, its different. This generation, is the future palette cleanser, the “entrepreneurial generation.” “Many of us couldn’t land the jobs we wanted, so we just made our own.” Which not many of previous generations could necessarily do. Many of my generation are experts in their field, or possible fields of work, before they’ve even left their formal education, as early as high school. Sure, its unconventional or surely untraditional but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Tradition and innovation are rarely ever put together in the same boat, but to gauge the success of the former against the latter, the latter has proven itself much more effective, especially now.

The success of innovation is largely due to our upbringings, living in the 00’s is vastly different than living in the 90’s, 80’s or the 70’s. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc all are providing new and different ways of learning information. They certainly aren’t going away anytime soon so the true test from now and on would be how to use and manipulate these tools, and who does it best.

But there is a fair amount of blame to be put on the industry of blogging all together. With an industry so new and vast, its hard to regulate it and or even manage it. Even those waist deep in it are still figuring it out themselves. Blogging still proves to be unpaved ground in need of some guidance. The industry needs some change to jolt it in some sort of direction, we must find a way to guide ourselves.

Like The Man Repeller said, Darwinism will prevail. The truly innovative and strong will go on, and those ankle deep will not.


Scarf or not to Scarf

In the bowels of winter, who knew you’d actually have “layer clothes” to keep “warm”. I, for one, think that “warm” or “warmth”is a state of mind. I mean, like, everyone always says that, that someone is “hot” and so on, I doubt anyone actually is “hot” as in temperature hot, or maybe they are…

Winter. Where cashmere, wool, leather, and silk are synonymous with living, breathing, and hustling through the snow in heels. One thing is definite, Winter can be a capital B, Bitch. The female dog kind, not the psycho kind… Either way, winter puts the truly stylish to contemplate whether or not to add that extra layer of clothing, or wear that other sock, to put that scarf on or not.

This brings me back a full twenty-four hours ago. About to prepare myself for a night about the suburban town. When the pivotal point reared its indecisive head: To scarf or Not to Scarf?

Vince  Brown Yak Sweater, J brand maroon pants, Frye Harness boots, there was a sufficient amount of warmth to be had, but the wool scarf was in question.

It, the scarf, resembled that of an Indian smock, orange and cranberry with leather brown and pink fringe with multiple other colors sprinkled throughout. It fit the color palette I was going for but, was it too much?

Wearing, was I, a green military style bomber styled jacket with  fur lining, the scarf, approximately the size of a small runner (the rug). In my mind i thought of iconic too-big scarf looks. Think Man Repeller.2ef5cfe87cec1b7fe0fb161066630074

Has anyone ever asked the breathability question? Not just sheer throat suffocation factor but mouth factor. Would not the pathway of our breath be interrupted by the fabric?  Hard hitting questions, I know.

Alas, I managed to establish an answer that will suffice: yes, it will manage to interrupt the pathway of your breath. Which leads to the next question: Is it worth it? Will the significant deficiency in oxygen intake, make up for the fact that you look superbly chic. 

Whether or not they do depends on many factors: type of scarf, hairstyle, confidence level, how well you can pull off harem pants, basically every and all things that factor into the qualification of anything important really.

Overall, pain is fashion. Lack of sufficient oxygen intake, and maybe a fogging of the glasses (due to breath divergence), but you’ll always know, you look daym good.

A New York fashion week in review.

Now that one of the best weeks of the month is over… and I’m not talking about the week when we all ride the crimson wave. But I am talking about New York Fashion Week, young gals. Anyways, I always feel like I need to sum up and mentally prepare myself for the upcoming trends for the upcoming seasons.

With London Fashion Week’s quirky head looming, it’ll be easy to get lost in the different variations of trends for the impending autumn season. Before you swarm me with all the London news, would ya lemme talk about New Yawrk Fashion Week, wouldya?

The crimson wave: Color, or rather lack there of was evident this week. Black and white domino’d the runways. But the true model of NYFW and of the aforementioned menstrual crimson wave is none other than Crimson. Marchesa drowned their collection in the deadly wave, while other collections sprinkled it on their newly pressed fabrics.


Pant Suits: Big un’s, small un’s, velvet un’s. They’re all there ladies, and you’ll definitely be finding yourself wearing one before you realized that legs go through the pant socket. (Yes. That bad.) Designers definitely got the memo about the whole suit “thang”. If New Yawrk Fashion week taught me anything new about the world of Hilary Clinton and Tina Fey is that designers, surely found a way to variate the variety of blazers and pantaloons that can be made.

Florals: Although it is fall, one would not think that florals seem very appropriate for Autumn, but they are. And its all over the runways, yo. “Florals in [Fall]…groundbreaking.”


Dem Scots: Although Chanel set the whole underlying bass to the whole Scottish/Plaid trend, Independent designers further harmonized the tune by peppering it in the collections. Plaid took new forms, being featured in capes, jackets, suits and other non-Scottish pants varieties. Being Scottish never looked so good. Or felt it.


Headwear: The objects that take residence on our heads have become oh so fashionable. Especially that of the Russian variety. That of the Paper Boy variety, as well.

Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren

Anna Karenina: Who knew Tolstoy’s iconic characters seemed to be the unofficial socialite featured at every front row, especially that of Mr.Ralph Lauren’s. With the Equestrian-esk pants and flowing cranberry gowns and russian hats and furs, you’d think that Mr. Wright was orchestrating the whole show.


Furs: I freaking saw a dead fox during Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs

Embellishment: Although it might seem that embellishments might be a given. It appeared to be quite a surprise to moi. But honestly, which other season would they fall upon?


Cara Delevingne: Ladies and Gents it’s official. It’s Cara Dellies world and we’re just living in it. The iconic eyebrows have captivated the hearts of many and have even managed to get 60K followers on twitter. (Cc: Cara’s Leg’s, Cara’s Elbow, Cara’s Knees etc.) Designers adore her, fellow models admire her, Kate Moss hates her (allegedly).


Now that I have shared what I’ll be wearing this Autumn season (yes, including Cara Dellie). Please do share, in the comments below, what you’ll be wearing this upcoming season!


Anybody whose somebody knows the god-send that is the HBO show: GIRLS.

The series being on its fifth episode in the second season, it’s already captured the hearts of many and most importantly mine.

The nonchalant profanity and too-real fashion sense, never fails to amaze me. The fact that Hannah always manages to be in some sort of pajama wear is bound to strike some post-college memories for many.

Most of all, GIRLS never fails to capture what ever stray thought that you’ve ever though and simply wrote off as insignificant and plays it in a way that has you screaming “THAT IS MY LIFE.” Which I think perfectly expresses the set of the perfect screenwriter, and overall visionary: Lena Dunham and company.

If you haven’t said the words, “I could have totally wrote that show if Lena Dunham didn’t do it first.” In the midst of discussing the episode with your girl ‘frans, or in my case my brother, then you’re lying to yourself. Now, whether or not the statement is true, we’ll leave it for the night guy to figure that out. If you’ve watched the most recent episode, or by the time you lovely people are reading this, the episode before last you’ll discover that Lena Dunham is actually a ninja in disguise.

How else would she be able to steal our inner most conversations with our ex’s girlfriend or our “in question” best friends hmmm?


Why do we ‘Couture’?

The “Je ne se pas.” aspect that accompanies couture week is probably due to the whimsical feeling of imaginary fluttering butterfly’s exploding with flutter with every heel clatter that everyone seems to visualize slash hope to ever see. “Couture” where ready to wear goes to die. Where the word “flat” only pertains to the ‘flat-chested’. And the words “I need it.” are thrown into the atmosphere so much, eventually they float off into the atmosphere, up up and away. Poof, just as the words “Price upon request” are splashed on computer screens and magazine pages.

For me, Couture Week sure helps me discover a lot of things about myself. For one, I do not know about you but season I pre-game myself before Couture Week,… maybe not “‘pre-game’ pre-game” but you catch my drift, yo. Either way, I get super hyped up, maybe its the idea of really unusual piece of clothing or the extremely unattainable price that just really just gets turned on. But as soon ,as soon as I see that first piece of realistic unwearable piece of cloth thrown on the size negative two model, the words “price upon request” prop up and then you’ve never seen dreams drop that hard. Neva.

But, alas, theres always an “up side” to this… or at least a non down side; which is a 10-15 minutes story presented to you by 20-35 models.


There once was a milkmaid.


and wee little red riding hood.


Who met the White Queen.


And company.


Then there came a Pirate.


Then comes Tinker Bell.


Then the goth sister shows up.


And the Dark Queen shoes up.


Then the long legged girl shows up.


Then Cara Delevingne shows up.


Then everyone gets married.


I think its obvious that we do not need to watch a fifteen minute show just to get a story. But in Fashion you do, especially a really expensive story. One that includes little boys as well , as seen above. One that involves a lesbian couple and one that includes a marriage or two.

Either way the question still stands… why do we “couture”? Designers admit it’s exorbitantly expensive for nearly little to no money in return. And for what? To fill an story telling itch…I think not. Couture’s are the much needed strength trainer to stretch designer’s muscles… to truly put their mark on their brand. Obviously evident in the dramatic Pre-Galliano leaving and Post-Galliano leaving. Dior’s Couture shows shifted from fairy wonderland to.. to… pant suits.

Either way, Couture’s are there to remind us that hey, maybe something that looks like vagina is pretty OK.