Why do we ‘Couture’?

by readitandstyle

The “Je ne se pas.” aspect that accompanies couture week is probably due to the whimsical feeling of imaginary fluttering butterfly’s exploding with flutter with every heel clatter that everyone seems to visualize slash hope to ever see. “Couture” where ready to wear goes to die. Where the word “flat” only pertains to the ‘flat-chested’. And the words “I need it.” are thrown into the atmosphere so much, eventually they float off into the atmosphere, up up and away. Poof, just as the words “Price upon request” are splashed on computer screens and magazine pages.

For me, Couture Week sure helps me discover a lot of things about myself. For one, I do not know about you but season I pre-game myself before Couture Week,… maybe not “‘pre-game’ pre-game” but you catch my drift, yo. Either way, I get super hyped up, maybe its the idea of really unusual piece of clothing or the extremely unattainable price that just really just gets turned on. But as soon ,as soon as I see that first piece of realistic unwearable piece of cloth thrown on the size negative two model, the words “price upon request” prop up and then you’ve never seen dreams drop that hard. Neva.

But, alas, theres always an “up side” to this… or at least a non down side; which is a 10-15 minutes story presented to you by 20-35 models.


There once was a milkmaid.


and wee little red riding hood.


Who met the White Queen.


And company.


Then there came a Pirate.


Then comes Tinker Bell.


Then the goth sister shows up.


And the Dark Queen shoes up.


Then the long legged girl shows up.


Then Cara Delevingne shows up.


Then everyone gets married.


I think its obvious that we do not need to watch a fifteen minute show just to get a story. But in Fashion you do, especially a really expensive story. One that includes little boys as well , as seen above. One that involves a lesbian couple and one that includes a marriage or two.

Either way the question still stands… why do we “couture”? Designers admit it’s exorbitantly expensive for nearly little to no money in return. And for what? To fill an story telling itch…I think not. Couture’s are the much needed strength trainer to stretch designer’s muscles… to truly put their mark on their brand. Obviously evident in the dramatic Pre-Galliano leaving and Post-Galliano leaving. Dior’s Couture shows shifted from fairy wonderland to.. to… pant suits.

Either way, Couture’s are there to remind us that hey, maybe something that looks like vagina is pretty OK.