by readitandstyle

Anybody whose somebody knows the god-send that is the HBO show: GIRLS.

The series being on its fifth episode in the second season, it’s already captured the hearts of many and most importantly mine.

The nonchalant profanity and too-real fashion sense, never fails to amaze me. The fact that Hannah always manages to be in some sort of pajama wear is bound to strike some post-college memories for many.

Most of all, GIRLS never fails to capture what ever stray thought that you’ve ever though and simply wrote off as insignificant and plays it in a way that has you screaming “THAT IS MY LIFE.” Which I think perfectly expresses the set of the perfect screenwriter, and overall visionary: Lena Dunham and company.

If you haven’t said the words, “I could have totally wrote that show if Lena Dunham didn’t do it first.” In the midst of discussing the episode with your girl ‘frans, or in my case my brother, then you’re lying to yourself. Now, whether or not the statement is true, we’ll leave it for the night guy to figure that out. If you’ve watched the most recent episode, or by the time you lovely people are reading this, the episode before last you’ll discover that Lena Dunham is actually a ninja in disguise.

How else would she be able to steal our inner most conversations with our ex’s girlfriend or our “in question” best friends hmmm?