A New York fashion week in review.

by readitandstyle

Now that one of the best weeks of the month is over… and I’m not talking about the week when we all ride the crimson wave. But I am talking about New York Fashion Week, young gals. Anyways, I always feel like I need to sum up and mentally prepare myself for the upcoming trends for the upcoming seasons.

With London Fashion Week’s quirky head looming, it’ll be easy to get lost in the different variations of trends for the impending autumn season. Before you swarm me with all the London news, would ya lemme talk about New Yawrk Fashion Week, wouldya?

The crimson wave: Color, or rather lack there of was evident this week. Black and white domino’d the runways. But the true model of NYFW and of the aforementioned menstrual crimson wave is none other than Crimson. Marchesa drowned their collection in the deadly wave, while other collections sprinkled it on their newly pressed fabrics.


Pant Suits: Big un’s, small un’s, velvet un’s. They’re all there ladies, and you’ll definitely be finding yourself wearing one before you realized that legs go through the pant socket. (Yes. That bad.) Designers definitely got the memo about the whole suit “thang”. If New Yawrk Fashion week taught me anything new about the world of Hilary Clinton and Tina Fey is that designers, surely found a way to variate the variety of blazers and pantaloons that can be made.

Florals: Although it is fall, one would not think that florals seem very appropriate for Autumn, but they are. And its all over the runways, yo. “Florals in [Fall]…groundbreaking.”


Dem Scots: Although Chanel set the whole underlying bass to the whole Scottish/Plaid trend, Independent designers further harmonized the tune by peppering it in the collections. Plaid took new forms, being featured in capes, jackets, suits and other non-Scottish pants varieties. Being Scottish never looked so good. Or felt it.


Headwear: The objects that take residence on our heads have become oh so fashionable. Especially that of the Russian variety. That of the Paper Boy variety, as well.

Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren

Anna Karenina: Who knew Tolstoy’s iconic characters seemed to be the unofficial socialite featured at every front row, especially that of Mr.Ralph Lauren’s. With the Equestrian-esk pants and flowing cranberry gowns and russian hats and furs, you’d think that Mr. Wright was orchestrating the whole show.


Furs: I freaking saw a dead fox during Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs

Embellishment: Although it might seem that embellishments might be a given. It appeared to be quite a surprise to moi. But honestly, which other season would they fall upon?


Cara Delevingne: Ladies and Gents it’s official. It’s Cara Dellies world and we’re just living in it. The iconic eyebrows have captivated the hearts of many and have even managed to get 60K followers on twitter. (Cc: Cara’s Leg’s, Cara’s Elbow, Cara’s Knees etc.) Designers adore her, fellow models admire her, Kate Moss hates her (allegedly).


Now that I have shared what I’ll be wearing this Autumn season (yes, including Cara Dellie). Please do share, in the comments below, what you’ll be wearing this upcoming season!