Scarf or not to Scarf

by readitandstyle

In the bowels of winter, who knew you’d actually have “layer clothes” to keep “warm”. I, for one, think that “warm” or “warmth”is a state of mind. I mean, like, everyone always says that, that someone is “hot” and so on, I doubt anyone actually is “hot” as in temperature hot, or maybe they are…

Winter. Where cashmere, wool, leather, and silk are synonymous with living, breathing, and hustling through the snow in heels. One thing is definite, Winter can be a capital B, Bitch. The female dog kind, not the psycho kind… Either way, winter puts the truly stylish to contemplate whether or not to add that extra layer of clothing, or wear that other sock, to put that scarf on or not.

This brings me back a full twenty-four hours ago. About to prepare myself for a night about the suburban town. When the pivotal point reared its indecisive head: To scarf or Not to Scarf?

Vince  Brown Yak Sweater, J brand maroon pants, Frye Harness boots, there was a sufficient amount of warmth to be had, but the wool scarf was in question.

It, the scarf, resembled that of an Indian smock, orange and cranberry with leather brown and pink fringe with multiple other colors sprinkled throughout. It fit the color palette I was going for but, was it too much?

Wearing, was I, a green military style bomber styled jacket with  fur lining, the scarf, approximately the size of a small runner (the rug). In my mind i thought of iconic too-big scarf looks. Think Man Repeller.2ef5cfe87cec1b7fe0fb161066630074

Has anyone ever asked the breathability question? Not just sheer throat suffocation factor but mouth factor. Would not the pathway of our breath be interrupted by the fabric?  Hard hitting questions, I know.

Alas, I managed to establish an answer that will suffice: yes, it will manage to interrupt the pathway of your breath. Which leads to the next question: Is it worth it? Will the significant deficiency in oxygen intake, make up for the fact that you look superbly chic. 

Whether or not they do depends on many factors: type of scarf, hairstyle, confidence level, how well you can pull off harem pants, basically every and all things that factor into the qualification of anything important really.

Overall, pain is fashion. Lack of sufficient oxygen intake, and maybe a fogging of the glasses (due to breath divergence), but you’ll always know, you look daym good.