Is this a Trend?

by readitandstyle

mad-men-glasses1-620x350Esquire Magazine’s Everything we know is wrong: Why we love Mad Men article has proven to be one heck of insight in to the world of Fashion, just as much as insight into the HBO television show.

Mad Men popular with the somewhat romantics of the modern age, and definitely those who, for lack of a better word, are “trendy”. Cut creases and cigarettes galore is exactly what all of us wish we could do, except for the harmful side affects we all are very well aware of now.

That very paradox is exactly is the main attraction of the HBO show. In direct words from the article: the reason we love the show is because “we get the joke.” We are fascinated by the show because the show performs all the stepping stones to the modern world we see today. In a world where we have the Anna Wintours’ and the Sheryl Sandberg’s, we see the Peggy Olson’s baby steps into the world of Old Fashioned’s and Lucky Strike’s.

We also are attracted to the show because we see ourselves in the same place or predicament as the characters. Don Drapper is constantly looking for the next big thing. They were all looking for the “trend”. What people want, what everyone needs and how to sell people what they think they want. Capitalism and Consumerism were the names on the label.

And then there’s Fashion; where Chanel and Proenza Schouler are the names on the label.

Establishments like Vogue, Net-a-Porter, and Women’s Wear Daily are modern day Don Drappers’. Anna Wintour’s job description is: Sell people what they want and be the best at it. But she ( and all these establishments) need to know what the people want and to take it one step further, tell them what they want.

Anna Wintour’s massive quality that cut her through the cut-throat world of Fashion was the fact that she gave people what they didn’t know they wanted. She established the Trend.

But the major problem is that one person does not create the trend, the trend is the supernatural being establishing and editing itself. Much like every twenty-something year old in this age. Constantly innovating, editing, embellishing, fiddling making ourselves the most perfect fit for our age.

And that’s it. Don Drapper and all of us, are constantly victims to this art. That’s we love it so, the setting changes but the themes stay the same.

“The characters, like the audience obsessing over them fifty years later, are locked in the parochialism of their movement, slaves to the trend.”