Dress on pants on fall

by readitandstyle




Tights? No! leggings? NO! Pants? yes! With the summers and spring’s obsession with the ankle, especially through the rolled up pants and the cut pant the industry has welcomed or rather invited the shortened pant into the fall season’s list of acceptable clothing. And along with that, the Mary Poppin’s skirt had its moment, it had a brief but strong moment during Paris Fashion Week…it must have been the parisian air. And both of these trends are being admitted into the Fall list of trends.

But, not without a little adjustment. The new thing down the street style-street is the skirt sur la pant. 

Now if you have ever had to wear a school jumper, you know the attempt to try this trend in the winter months. If your mother was anything like mine, my mother was the torturer of my legs when she would put on my little tights by pinching my legs up until the sixth grade to make sure the tights were well spread over my scrawny legs.

Haa, child abuse aside, there was a year of my life I attempted to pull off the pant under jumper trend, my mother hated it therefore I loved it. 

I don’t know what about the flare pants under the somewhat A-line, plaid, pleated skirt made me think that I was some ultra trendy eight year old girl. But needless to say, the current wave of skirt over pant looks a lot more chic than my fourth grade attempt. 

But enough of my fourth grade attempt to be the next Alexa Chung, what do you think about this trend? Will you be pairing your cut pant with your Mary Poppins Skirt? Or is either trend just enough? LET ME KNOW.