Smother me

by readitandstyle







Because it’s fall and you  might not know what to wear.

If you are like me, you are living in a metropolitan city, and confused on what to wear. Monday morning…it’s finger tip freezing cold, monday evening it’s raining… basically mother natures totally trippin’ yo.

In the past week it has alternated between being tear freezing cold to relatively less cold. Fun. No matter how ambitious you are for sartorial choices for the following day, you’re always less reluctant to wear the skirt with tights when a pair of wool pants just seem so much more appealing and ehhmm warm .

Then scarves, wools coats on wool coats on sweater on flannel on pants on cold soul is practically the uniform pour moi.

And the real question formulates itself: how can one possibly looks sups cool when it’s actually too cold outside to tell the difference between self generated coolness and that of the weather variety?

Oversized everything helps with this sartorial slump, but I’m curious what gets you guys through the abominable snowman months? Coats? AND WHAT ABOUT OUR FEET?! Or maybe swimsuits are your thing? Let me know!