Laid in Leather

by readitandstyle

As the the idea of freezing to death become more and more possible, those fashion obsessed will surely wear inappropriate clothing for the temperature suffocating us. 

By as the sartorial rules imply, leather continues to dominate the street style blogs, and it does not show any signs of slowing down.Image

Im going to take one leap of logic but I doubt many of us want to look like a 2013 leather version of the whole Brittany Spears and JT debacle SO most of use will pair a leather piece with a Non-leather piece ( I recommend mohair). But most will choose other black pieces. or even better DUAL FABRIC PIECES!


So with the Diarrhea of post christmas- days sales here are some deeply lessened-in-price-but-invaluable-in-our-hearts leather pieces and companions to make it rain with yo’ dolla bills. 

If you fancy some military-as-shit leatha’ pants, these Mickey Q’s beauties  (at 70% off I might add!) will satisfy your somewhat questionable thirst for mid 19th century pants. 

But Quick! Before you hear the siren call that is someone yelling at you “Is that a girl dressed as Thomas Jefferson?!” So quickly you throw on this DUAL MATERIAL WARMING


But have no fear as New Years festivities are here, Leatha’ is heya’! And to keep things as simple as they can, we have a ensemble brought to you by dem’ lambs and if you sex it with a jacket-device with a larger than life shoulders areas, youre golden.