Read it and style.

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things..


Anybody whose somebody knows the god-send that is the HBO show: GIRLS.

The series being on its fifth episode in the second season, it’s already captured the hearts of many and most importantly mine.

The nonchalant profanity and too-real fashion sense, never fails to amaze me. The fact that Hannah always manages to be in some sort of pajama wear is bound to strike some post-college memories for many.

Most of all, GIRLS never fails to capture what ever stray thought that you’ve ever though and simply wrote off as insignificant and plays it in a way that has you screaming “THAT IS MY LIFE.” Which I think perfectly expresses the set of the perfect screenwriter, and overall visionary: Lena Dunham and company.

If you haven’t said the words, “I could have totally wrote that show if Lena Dunham didn’t do it first.” In the midst of discussing the episode with your girl ‘frans, or in my case my brother, then you’re lying to yourself. Now, whether or not the statement is true, we’ll leave it for the night guy to figure that out. If you’ve watched the most recent episode, or by the time you lovely people are reading this, the episode before last you’ll discover that Lena Dunham is actually a ninja in disguise.

How else would she be able to steal our inner most conversations with our ex’s girlfriend or our “in question” best friends hmmm?



Why do we ‘Couture’?

The “Je ne se pas.” aspect that accompanies couture week is probably due to the whimsical feeling of imaginary fluttering butterfly’s exploding with flutter with every heel clatter that everyone seems to visualize slash hope to ever see. “Couture” where ready to wear goes to die. Where the word “flat” only pertains to the ‘flat-chested’. And the words “I need it.” are thrown into the atmosphere so much, eventually they float off into the atmosphere, up up and away. Poof, just as the words “Price upon request” are splashed on computer screens and magazine pages.

For me, Couture Week sure helps me discover a lot of things about myself. For one, I do not know about you but season I pre-game myself before Couture Week,… maybe not “‘pre-game’ pre-game” but you catch my drift, yo. Either way, I get super hyped up, maybe its the idea of really unusual piece of clothing or the extremely unattainable price that just really just gets turned on. But as soon ,as soon as I see that first piece of realistic unwearable piece of cloth thrown on the size negative two model, the words “price upon request” prop up and then you’ve never seen dreams drop that hard. Neva.

But, alas, theres always an “up side” to this… or at least a non down side; which is a 10-15 minutes story presented to you by 20-35 models.


There once was a milkmaid.


and wee little red riding hood.


Who met the White Queen.


And company.


Then there came a Pirate.


Then comes Tinker Bell.


Then the goth sister shows up.


And the Dark Queen shoes up.


Then the long legged girl shows up.


Then Cara Delevingne shows up.


Then everyone gets married.


I think its obvious that we do not need to watch a fifteen minute show just to get a story. But in Fashion you do, especially a really expensive story. One that includes little boys as well , as seen above. One that involves a lesbian couple and one that includes a marriage or two.

Either way the question still stands… why do we “couture”? Designers admit it’s exorbitantly expensive for nearly little to no money in return. And for what? To fill an story telling itch…I think not. Couture’s are the much needed strength trainer to stretch designer’s muscles… to truly put their mark on their brand. Obviously evident in the dramatic Pre-Galliano leaving and Post-Galliano leaving. Dior’s Couture shows shifted from fairy wonderland to.. to… pant suits.

Either way, Couture’s are there to remind us that hey, maybe something that looks like vagina is pretty OK.

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2013 Jewelry featuring The Man Repeller


Shopper in arms.



This lovely AM, I woke up at the ass-crack of dawn: 6.30. You maybe be asking, “But why would you do such a an awful thing?”. In which my answer is two words, “Sample. Sale.”… JK its actually one, “Finals.”

Yes, I’m still subject to the dreadful, tear inducing, blood spilling, “Student Pains”. After fifteen years of education, Im finally entering the home stretch of stressful January’s. Until that lovely day though, I’m strugglin’ like the rest of ‘dem’. But I digress.

During the ungodly hour of 7 o’clock AM, the thought of a Sample sale graced the prairie field that I call my “thought process”. For a moment, I considered the options, ditching this whole “Finals Thang” and go in pursuit of finding a Sample Sale in the Pre- Pubescent months I like to call B.F.W; “Before Fashion Week” or fulfill society’s requirements of getting an “education”, whatever that means.

Sadly, I went with the latter, but I cannot promise to you that I did not day dream of sensuous silks, and heating knits while drowned in post civil war America. When it was all over, I was practically gasping for someone to talk about something superficial and fashion related.

Alas, to no avail, I returned home tired, still gorgeous obvi, and drowned my pain in Chanel’s Autumn Winter ’10 show.

There are few people in this world that truly appreciate the need to gush over Isabel Marant sneakers being restocked on Net-A- Porter. Or the need ,and I emphasize need ,for a Marchesa chiffon and silk grecian gown. So when you find those people, ladies and gents, hold on to them like those last pair of marked off Chanel Yetti boots in a Sample Sale .

WANTED: Shopper in arms. Must be well versed in Net-A-Porter, man repelling and GIRLS.

What is Love?

Being an advocate for women’s independence and not being defined by men I’ve always emphasized the idea of never letting men define you. Somehow I’ve managed to apply that to almost every social related encounter in my life. It was my reason to justify why I in fact went to my junior homecoming stag, despite the fact that I did not have to, it was my reason for disapproving of one of my best friends relationships, my reason for why I can never pay attention in my Physics class (it consists of over 90% men) although that hardly makes any sense.But don’t question it.

The irony is that despite the fact that I am such an advocate of women’s independence, I’m a huge romantic. Romantic as in the sensual sense. Romantic still stands to be one of, if not, my favorite movie genre. I even cried during Inception just from the somewhat romantic parts. Its bad. But I digress.

But, there’s just something about seeing people together in real life that gets me suddenly a little less comfortable, its seriously the weirdest thing. But you’ll hear all about my physiological disabilities on my News special. ( Release date yet to be announced.)

But, again, I digress. The thing picture that prompted this sudden gush of women’s independence was this picture of Keira Knightley and fellow love bird slash new husband James Righton, together.

141370875774805418_S6iGGTUw_c They aren’t all over each other, they aren’t painfully forcing the fact that they’re a couple down everyones throats. They’re just together. The way that her hands are around his waist and his hand hold hers while holding her in a near headlock formation, which from a sheer description it may not advocate casual love but the picture sure does. It expresses the feeling that its almost how they walk together all the time, almost like its their default setting. To me it just was very easy going and light which made me not mind the fact that they are a couple, unlike many other celebrity couples. Ah-HEM Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes HEM HEM.

Not to mention, the glorious Chanel bag that just gleams through the picture, but its also quite understated which especially pleased me.

It might also be the fact that I’ve always seen Keira Knightley to be a particularly empowered women. I dont really know why, maybe its from watching way too many of her interviews. Or from her various roles as the rebellious Elizabeth Bennet in the classic Pride and Prejudice, or her as Cecila Tallis in the iconic Atonement, or her tortured roles as Anna Karenina and the Duchess of Devonshire, Georgina Spencer. Her characters continuously faces many issues and problems that women face. Maybe not having to watch as your child is taken from you, like in Anna Karenina or The Duchess. But more along the lines of being oppressed or forced to do things you do not want to do, but to do what society says you should do.

Keira continuously encourages women to think for themselves and not to be defined by society or by men.

Thats kind of why I love fashion so much because it allows you to express yourself however you please. In the movies, The queen of fashion herself, The Duchess uses fashion as her only way of expression, considering the oppression from her husband. Anna Karenina ‘s outfits gradually get more conservative as she feels more and more tortured and stranded.

The fashion industry today is an industry largely established by women for (primarily) women.Women like Keira Knightley, like Meryl Streep, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington who continuously take on such influential women’s roles will forever continue to inspire me and influence me to seek to go against the norm.

Thats why I will continue to refuse men from homecoming dates, and disapproving of relationship if I see fit because although the relationship might be seen as frivolous and unnecessary to criticize so much. I think Anne Archibald, although fictional, hit the nail on the head when she said,

“The man you’re with may not be a reflection of you, but you will always be a reflection of him.”

And although we may not like, and I for certain do not want to believe it, its true. When you’re seen with a man you’re not seen for yourself but for who the man is. And that may be why I am so approving of Keira’s relationship because she has managed to establish herself as an empowered woman who in fact “don’t need no man.”

We’ve come along way from the primitive mindset of only being seen only as child bearers, we still have much to much work to be done.

On a final note, this reminds me of a quote by Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem Ulysses,

Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’

We are not now that strength which in old days

Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Although I doubt Tennyson wrote this in order to advocate his feelings for women’s liberation, it sure does seem appropriate.

A shot of Oxblood.

This past weekend weekend I’d like to rename to “the weekend of the maroon” or the more fashionable term “oxblood”.

Whatever you call it maroon, “oxblood” (which in reality how has anyone seen an ox’s blood? I mean come on.), but NOT burgundy there’s a difference, you’re definitely seeing it everywhere Chanel bags, lipsticks, shoes, tampons, EVERYWHERE.

I started off Friday with the usually dreaded school, it was quite cold so naturally my mind went to Maroon er.. Oxblood. What maroon piece is the one I want? One that I have been coveting is the Free People’s “Embellished Palms Tunic”.


Granted I’ve been wanting this piece for months, in every color, but this particular “oxblood” color has me especially drooling.

Another Free People number that’s got me drooling is the Free People “Fitted With Daisies Dress”.


Now Im not really one for “cut-outs”, well I am, but either way the fact that this is Maroon and shows a little skin in an unexpected way and would be great for layering.

The final dose of Oxblood came friday night when I went to go see Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina. There was one item that truly had me wishing we lived in the 19th century Russia, other than Aaron Johnson cavalry uniform , is Keira Knightly’s iconic oxblood silk dress.


Whatever you’re into, maybe you’re a vegetarian and “Oxblood” is not really your thing theres no doubt, it’s everywhere and this season’s definite “It” color.

Allow me to introduce myself.

coco-chanel-wallpapers-1” I do not do Fashion. I am fashion.” Coco Chanel remarked as her waiter told her:  “Ce sera de deux euros, madame.”

Well, that last part may not have happened, but one thing is for sure: Coco Chanel  essentially established the meaning modern day fashion.

This quote embodies my view toward fashion. Fashion is romantic, crazy, complex, spontaneous and every other adjective that you can describe a person with. Fashion is complex and the best part about it is that Fashion is exactly how you see it.

Or Coco Chanel was one conceited bitch.

This blog will express how I, in fact, see it. I hope you the readers, no matter how few of you, stick along side me to see how I see it.The grammer gets better too, promise.

My name, if you knew that you’d be as clever as me.